Who is eligible to apply for the Sephardic Ancestry Law?

According to the new laws passed by the Portuguese Parliament, European Nationality will be granted to any person (Jewish or non-Jewish) who can prove that they are descendants of at least one Jewish parent or grandparent that is of Sephardic origin.

If your ancestry is from any of the following countries, the process of eligibility will be facilitated: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Ex-Yugoslavia, and other Mediterranean countries. This is not an exclusive list.

The Applicant’s current nationality, place of residence and place of birth, are irrelevant to his/hers eligibility. It doesn’t matter if the Applicant practices Judaism, or currently follows Ashkenazic customs. The minimum requirement is at least one of the Sephardic parents or grandparents; if not great grandparents have to be from any of the above countries mentioned.

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