Our International Legal Services is an experienced and professional firm of lawyers and advisors with branch offices over 15 countries around the world. Sephardic-Citizenship has offices in Panama, Israel, Chile, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico and now UK.

Elias Bendahan, founder and chairman of Sephardic-Citizenship, has a B.A. in Economics and Business administration, and a Master’s in Financial Statement Auditing and Advanced Accounting.

All our staff members have undergone special training to provide expert services in processing Spanish and Portuguese citizenship to all descendants of Sephardic origin. From the beginning of the Draft Law in the Spanish Parliament, Elias Bendahan has been personally involved by advising the political groups in Spain on how the Amendments can facilitate and expedite the processing of Spanish Nationality for the collective Sephardic world. It was a difficult task, but certainly, the efforts have been fruitful.

After 523 years, Spain and Portugal have finally accepted the great mistake of the expulsion of the Jews, and through historical recognition have modified their Civil Law Code to grant European citizenship by Naturalization to whomever provides proof of their Sephardic origin status. It is a unique opportunity, but with an expiration date, only until July 2019. The requirements are simple, yet the process is a bit complex.

Our firm gives you the opportunity to obtain European Citizenship, at a reduced cost, in a convenient and simple way. From the moment you hire us, we manage your case entirely. You will be assigned a personal and specialized consultant who will guide you through the entire process, from the first day of processing until you receive your new passport. Our fees are all clearly specified in detail in our website. There are no extra fees or charges. Enjoy our services and leave it up to our professional team to process your case and receive your European Citizenship in less than one year!!

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