Our firm offers professional and legal services in processing Spanish (existing applications only) and Portuguese Nationality. Sephardic Citizenship provides free consultation and eligibility check. We deliver conferences to communities worldwide. Our Conferences provide a unique opportunity to hear the most up-to-date information directly from the most experienced firm in acquiring European Citizenship.

European Citizenship

Travel, study, work or live in any of the 27 countries of the European Union. A EU Passport can give you International, Residential and Employment Mobility. In addition, health cover, education, unemployment programs, pensions and the like are all benefits to which you would be entitled with EU Citizenship once residency is established in any of the 27 countries of the European Union.

Professional advice

We offer our professional services free of charge for consultations and verification of eligibility. Our experienced advisors are focused and committed to accompany each client every step of the way. Contact Sephardic Citizenship now to check your eligibility.

Benefits of EU membership

Since the integration of Spain & Portugal in the European Union (EU) in 1992, Spanish & Portuguese nationality has become part of European citizenship. European Union Citizenship is defined by the Treaty of Maastricht as follows:

“Every person holding the nationality of a Member State of the European Union is, as a result, a citizen of the Union.  Citizenship of the Union supplements national citizenship without replacing it.”

The European Union. is established by 27 countries, 19 of which use the common currency called the Euro. As a citizen of the European Union, you are able to avail yourself of all of the rights and privileges offered by the country in which you reside, no matter which member country that might be.  Health, education, unemployment programs, pensions and the like are all benefits to which you would be entitled with EU citizenship. You have mobility to live, work, study and travel to any country of the European Union.

The majority of Western European countries, and a handful of those in Eastern Europe, are members of the European Union (EU). The governments of all EU countries work together for mutual economic and social gain. Although each country in the EU maintains its own government structure, EU membership guarantees certain rights and benefits for citizens and businesses alike. A citizen of any EU country is automatically also an EU citizen. European Union citizenship allows an individual to capitalize on any and all of the Union’s benefits, including unhindered travel, universal employability, and preferential student status.

The European Union, although made up of different countries, in many ways functions as a single entity for its citizens. The rights of all EU countries are reciprocal. This means that a citizen of any EU country can live, work, and study in any other EU country with the privileges of a citizen. A company in France must consider an applicant from Greece, or Spain, or Italy as equal to a similarly- situated French applicant, for instance. Similarly, a German citizen could move to Malta without question or additional paperwork, and an Austrian student could attend university in Portugal just as easily as she could at home.

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